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MNA September 9th Meeting!

  •  Montavilla United Methodist Church  232 SE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97215 (map)

Montavilla Neighborhood Association General & Board Meeting
 Montavilla United Methodist Church
 232 SE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97215

We welcome everyone we met at the recent METBA Street Fair, as well as all our members to join us for our next meeting, Monday September 9 at 6:30.
September is a 'back to school' time for the neighborhood association, and we are looking forward to planning for the coming year, which includes our annual board elections in October.  We ask you to consider taking a leadership role and run for a Board position and we also need volunteers to work on various committees to help meet neighborhood needs.  All you need to do to vote or run for leadership is to be a member, which you would be if you have attended and signed into a meeting in the last 3 years.  If you are new, please come to September’s meeting and sign in.  You are eligible if you live or operate a business within the Montavilla neighborhood.  The MNA needs your involvement, your ideas and your help.

September’s meeting would be a good one to attend because we are going to have a very helpful safety presentation from NET – the Portland Neighborhood Emergency Team. They will share how to prepare for and what to do in a worst case disaster scenario, such as “the big one” earthquake that is predicted to hit the Portland area someday. You can go to a training and learn how to join with others on a team to help our neighbors. “Neighborhoods need to be prepared for self-sufficiency too. Volunteer neighborhood rescuers will likely be first on-the-scene when firefighters and police are slowed by impassable streets or overwhelmed by calls for help." Because of its importance, their presentation and your questions will take up the bulk of the general meeting. Learn more at

We also will be discussing and planning with volunteers for the Clean-Up Day, Saturday September 28th, and the election in October. Last year we filled 4 huge dumpsters on Clean-Up Day. It fills a need to help neighbors get rid of junk and unwanted stuff, and it’s also the main fundraiser for the MNA. But it requires many volunteers to be successful. You don’t need to be there for the entire time, and your time and effort for even several hours will help. “Many hands make work light.” You will meet new neighbors and it is a fun event.
At the bottom of this email is a button to push if you can volunteer to help with the Clean-Up Day. We also need help with the upcoming election, please let us know if you are available.
We want to make neighborhood safety a priority this coming year. You can help by joining or heading up our safety committee. We want to hear your ideas on what we can do to make Montavilla safer and more livable. Come and discuss your concerns with your neighbors, and let you voice be heard.

Meeting agendas:

General Meeting

6:30 Introductions
6:40 Presentation by Portland NET
7:20 Planning discussion regarding Clean-Up Day
7:35 Meeting adjourned

Board Meeting:

7:40 Meeting commences, approve agenda, and July meeting minutes.
(members are welcome to join us to help prepare for the following events)
7:45 Clean-Up Day planning discuss
8:00 Plan for the Election Night
8:15 Any new or other business
8:30 Meeting adjourned