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MNA General and Board Meeting April 8th

We’re having a recycling themed meeting this Month! Master Recycler Liana Linhares will be there to discuss recycling in Portland and what we as citizens can do to better manage our waste. Then we will have updates on upcoming neighborhood clean up events including ‘Paint the Town Green‘ (Sponsored by Kink Radio and Portland’s SOLVE), and the Fall neighborhood clean up drive.

We’re also looking for volunteers to serve on the MNA Board of Directors. If you’re interested please reach out to us!

General Meeting

6:30 Introductions
6:40 Liana Master Recycler

Recycling 101: Learn the correct way of using curbside garbage/recycling/green waste in Portland. What goes where in our bins, and where to take items that are not accepted in curbside waste disposal. 

7:00 Dylan Peerenboom will give an update on the Paint the Town Green Event 7:10 David and Dylan Will give an update on the Montavilla Neighborhood Clean Up 7:20 Member Questions
7:30 General Meeting Concludes
Board Meeting

7:35 Board Meeting Starts

  • Approve Agenda

  • Approve March Minutes

7:45 Finances

  • Treasury Report

  • Outline Budget

  • Vote on Budget


  • Finalize / Approve Clean Up Date

  • Discuss Board Member Training

  • Booth at MBTA Block Party (Discuss t-shirts)

  • Newsletter

8:15 New Business

  • May Meeting

  • Board Nomination

8:30 (or before) Adjourn