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MNA General Meeting, Board Meeting

General Meeting

6:30 Introductions

Code of Conduct

Call for Board Appointment Nominations

6:40 Oregon Dept of Transportation (ODOT) Presentation

7:05 Questions for ODOT

7:10 82nd Ave. Project Michael Sonnleitner

7:20 Member Questions & Comments

7:30 General Meeting Adjourns

Board Meeting

7:40 Meeting called to Order

Approve Meeting Agenda

Discuss and Approve 11/12 Meeting Minutes

7:50 Board Appointment Nominations & Selections

8:00 Officer Roles Reviewed

8:10 Check Signature Card Questions

Discuss Check Signer Roles

Discuss Moving to New Bank or New Branch

Approve Replacing Previous Signers with New Signers

8:20 New Business

Invite SMART for Next Meeting

Update on Clean-Up Day Reimbursements


8:30 Meeting Adjournment