MNA notes

July 9th, 2018

Montavilla United Methodist Church

6:40pm - Meeting starts


Chair announced Ground Rules

Agenda - approved unanimously

Chair Linn gave a summary of current board vacancies

Presentation - Michael Hannah - Municipal Broadband Project

Proposal is to create a public utility by issuing revenue bonds to build the infrastructure. It would be a fiber optic network with between 1 gig and 10 gig speeds, which could place Portland at the top of worldwide speeds. The speed by which the system would pay off the bonds would depend on the number of people who convert. When Sandy Oregon converted it was estimated they needed 35% and they got 60%. After paying it off, the revenue could be used for social services. The project could be up and delivering service in a very short period of time (1-2 years). The lines can be inserted along Max lines and current phone poles. The lifespan of the network is estimated at 50 years.

The next step is to get the county and City to endorse a feasibility study. It was requested the MNA pass a resolution of support.

Updates from officers:

Chair Linn gave a summary of the MNA Housing & Homelessness Forum that was held June 30th. Special thanks was given to volunteers and now former Board member Olivia Alsept-Elis. MNA Members in attendance who had attended expressed thanks for the quality of the event.

There was a run down of upcoming events:

7/29 - Montavilla Street Fair - MNA is registered for a table

8/4 - MNA National Night Out - Montavilla Park

8/18-19 - Montavilla Jazz Festival

8/18-25 - Jade District Night Market

9/29 - MNA Fall Clean-up

Public Safety Chair John Rotter expressed the desire to hold more meetings with community members about community responses to homelessness. He suggested meeting at Milepost 5 which has several meeting areas.

Treasurer Brad Donahue wanted to compliment the Forum and spoke with someone from the Transitions Project who had worked closely with the homeless. He said many good ideas were presented.

Member Jane complimented the forum and suggested inviting one of the panelists as a guest. The presentation regarding the larger economic causes of housing unaffordability was suggested by several people.

7:30pm- General meeting adjourns

7:35pm- Board meeting (Linn, Rotter, Donahue, Sanders)

Agenda approved - Linn moved - Rotter 2nd - Passed unanimously

Jonathan Ogden has moved out of the neighborhood and cannot continue on the board. This leaves six board members. Efforts continue to find replacements. Everyone is asked suggest to one person.

There was a discussion about potential resolutions. Linn expressed the desire to summarize the messages from the several forums and debates regarding homelessness in the neighborhood in to a draft resolution. While there was no draft language proposed, there was a discussion of what some things may be expressed.

Far too many community members continue to feel the current system is not serving the community;

There is a need for more resources and for those resources to be localized in the communities;

While the discussions, forums, and townhalls will continue it is important to make a statement to the City and County officials.

Linn wanted to get the draft out soon to get member feedback.

It was suggested inviting someone from a non profit doing community land trusts.

Fall cleanup - Donahue organized the cleanup at -xx- church on 9/29. Logistics were discussed and a budget of $200 was approved for food, printing, and rentals. Donahue will bring a more detailed request to the August meeting.

Donahue moved for the funding, Sanders 2nd, passed unanimously

New business - The guest had asked the Board to pass a resolution of support for municipal broadband. Linn suggested taking an informal poll of board members to pass along to the supporters with a formal resolution to follow in August. The informal poll was unanimous in support of a resolution.

It was suggested that the August Board meeting be moved to an outdoor location, possibly Montavilla Park or Mp5.

There was a discussion of the website being down and Linn said he would check.

Donahue had been forwarded an email regarding a request for financial information from BK. Linn asked all board members to forward all communication between any outside requests or communications with the boards lawyer. Donahue said he had most of the reports and financial information close to being finalized. Donahue and Linn will compete them for public release.

MNA received a request from Portland Parks & Recreation to partner in their “Movies in the Parks” program. Linn moved to partner, Rotter 2nd, passed unanimously.

Linn moved to adjourn, Rotter 2nd, unanimous