Montavilla Neighborhood Association
Sun Jan 28th, 2018 Special Meeting
Board members in attendence: David Linn, Briar Rose Schreiber, Jonathan Ogden, Amanda Rhoads, Johnnie Shaver, Brad Donahue, Antigonus Rose,

Olivia AE Called to order at 12:38
Opening and ground rules
* Same as always

Brad moves we approve the agenda. Johnnie seconds. Vote is unanimous

Grievance report presented to the board
* Antigonous reads report verbatim
* Discussion
* Brad Donahue: part of grievance, pyramid of white supremacy shown, false equivacation. Believes calling people white supremacists can be problematic
* Member didn't receive mailer
* Briar Rose Schreiber - Also didn't receive mailer

Vote* Jonathan motions to vote to accept report in whole and agree with it's conclusions; oliva seconds; unanimous vote

Land-Use Committee - Letter regard development at 82nd and glisan
* Met the other night with Maria Fischer
* Proposal across the street at Jacksons to expand their operations
* Two adjustments being asked for: increase max street setback, increase vehicle area
* Add a bench?
* Committee formed letter (see attachment)
* Will northbound turn onto glisten be removed? As far as we know, yes.
* Removal of some of the trees, but their plan does keep the minimum number of trees
* High crash intersection. 82nd and Glisten is top of the list.
* Storm water mitigation requirements must be met
* Right of way bioswale
* In Lents, the same company is proposing building on the street. Why not in Montavilla?
* Being away from the street makes them inconsistent with other businesses
* David moves we accept the letter; Antigonous seconds;
* Discussion: Does the letter list what could mitigate for adjustments? Yes, maybe public art at the intersection
* Brad and Amanda abstain all else consent. It passes!

Committee Requests - 1:15
* $500 to be spent for communication budget
* Briar Rose would like a more itemized budget
* David motions and Jonathan Seconds - Consensus! passes

* Safety Committee update: uptick in theft posts on social media
* Can we save money
* Can we create a pool of funds for the committees
* Motion for $150 for committees to spend on venue costs
* David motions, Olivia AE Seconds, Unanimous! Passes

* Amanda Asks for reimbursement; $30 and $45.64 for printing; David motions antigonous seconds; Amanda abstains, Passes 100%

adjourn - Jon motions to adjourn; antigonous seconds,