MNA August Meeting Minutes

August 13th, 2018

Montavilla United Methodist Church


The August General Membership Meeting was opened and chair Linn giving ground rules and beginning introductions around the room.

Speakers from Community Development Partners & MilePost5 Staff gave an introduction about the recent purchase of the property. There was a description of the proposed renovations and changes for tenants.There was further discussion of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and the ongoing negotiations with tenants regarding the future affordability of units. There were questions about the requirements for affordable housing and whether MilePost5 was ever or is now required to offer affordable housing. Several residents spoke about the hardships the transition has caused and the lack of a consistent plan for tenants.

Chair Linn gave the first officer update describing the success of the Montavilla Street Fair and MNA’s National Night Out Event. Vice-Chair/Land-use chair Rhoads gave an update about ongoing discussions about the developments at 82nd & Glisan and 82nd & Stark. Treasurer Donohue gave a financial update and announced the MNA clean-up will be Sep. 29th. Public Safety Chair Rotter gave an update on plans to hold a public safety forum with community members.

There were no member comments.

The general meeting adjourned.


Chair Linn opened the MNA August board meeting. Present were Board members Linn, Rhoads, Sanders, Donohue, Rotter.

The minutes from the July Board Meeting was reviewed. Linn moved to approved the minutes, Rotter seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

First was an announcement of the current Board vacancies and asking for people to ask around the community.

Sanders and Linn gave an update on the next newsletter.

Rhoads gave an update on the Bylaws Review Group. There were several proposed changes but the group had not been able to finalize any yet and may need to reconvene after the Board elections in October.

October is the yearly Board elections and so far there should be 8 positions available to fill. An election steering committee is called on by the bylaws to be formed to facilitate the elections. Linn moved to give Vice-Chair Rhoads the authority to form the elections steering committee and report back in September, Donohue seconded, and the motion passed 4-0 with Rhoads abstaining.

At the July meeting there was a request for a position of support for the Municipal Broadband PDX group in their efforts to bring a public internet utility to the Metro area. Linn moved to issue a statement in support, Rotter seconded, the motion passed unanimously.

A letter was sent from a coalition of SE Portland Neighborhood Associations requesting MNA join them in pushing for stricter laws around diesel emissions in the city and state. Linn moved for MNA to join the efforts, Sanders seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Linn put forth a proposed MNA resolution of Homelessness and a call to action from our elected officials. The draft motion was distributed. Each board member gave their comments and suggestions for revision. Sanders moved to adopt the resolution, Rhoads seconded, the motion passed 4-0 with Donohue abstaining.

Donohue gave the details of the upcoming MNA clean-up happening on September 29th. The Board had approved $200 already.

Linn asked the Board for $50 reimbursement for food for the National Night Out event. Rhoads also requested reimbursement for $40 for the same event. For the $50 - Sanders moved to approve, Donohue seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. For the $40 - Donohue moved to approve, Sanders seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

There was no further business and Linn moved to adjourn the meeting, Rotter seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.