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Congratulations to our new MNA Board of Directors!

The MNA 2018 Annual Meeting and Election on October 8 was a success! First, the results, by the numbers:

  • 4 candidates

  • 57 members voted

  • (2 provisional ballots received)

  • Threshold for success: 29 votes (30 if counting provisional ballots)

  • Vote tallies:

    • John Rotter: 52 votes

    • Patricia Sanders: 53 votes

    • Brad Donohue: 54 votes

    • Dylan Peerenboom: 53 votes

Congratulations to our MNA Board of Directors!

Ballot counting was carried out by SE Uplift and Office of Community and Civic Life staff, and certified by SE Uplift.

See the Annual Report presentation on our Newsletters page and check out some photos below! Thanks to Tina Granzo for lending us the awesome Stark Street backdrop that she painted for the photo booth! Finally, we raised $288 toward paying the artists who created Montavilla’s newest public art mural at the farmers market site. You can contribute too!

Thanks also to the following people for making our event a success:

  • Our facilitator Tamara Lynne;

  • Transcriptionist Elizabeth Archer;

  • The hardworking Elections Team: Amanda Rhoads, Amy Reaney, Robyn Head and Lucia Longoria;

  • The SE Uplift team that oversaw ballot collection and counting: Molly Mayo, Executive Director, Christina Estimé, and Gaby Saldaña-Lopez;

  • Teri Poppino from the Office of Community and Civic Life who observed and also counted ballots;

  • Our hosts the Montavilla United Methodist Church;

  • Outgoing board chair David Linn and outgoing board vice chair Amanda Rhoads; and finally

  • Our members who came out to participate in this ultra-local democratic process.


MNA Annual meeting and elections, monday, october 8, 2018

Montavilla United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall, 232 SE 80th Ave, Portland, OR 97215
Doors open at 6pm. Annual meeting to commence at 6:30.
As part of our annual meeting, we are asking people to bring food for Montavilla United Methodist Church’s Open Hearts Food Pantry as a way to thank our hosts and contribute to our community’s well-being. Thank you for participating!

All 11 board seats will be up for election this October!
The standard term of office is 2 years. A director may be reelected without limitation on the number of terms they may serve.

See candidate statements from the three current board members running for new terms below.

I want to help organize cool projects in the neighborhood. How do I run?
Well, you can just show up the night of the election and declare your intent to run. OR, and this is what we recommend, you can let us know in advance your intent to run, and answer the following questions in a one-page candidate statement that we will publish on October 5 for members to review prior to the election. Then, at the elections, be ready to make a 2-minute statement about your candidacy to the membership, and be open to talking to folks who might have questions for you. That’s all there is to it!

  • What made you decide to run?

  • What is your relevant experience?

  • What are your priorities for the board and what would you want to focus on if elected?

At any point between now and October 4, 11:59 pm, submit a candidate statement, not to exceed 1 page, in either Word or PDF format (ideally PDF) to mna-email@montavillapdx.org. Ensure the statement includes responses to the questions above. We will publish the collected candidate statements on October 5 on our website and have them posted the night of the election.

Who is eligible to run or vote?
Current MNA members are eligible to run for office and vote in elections. All residents age 18 and older including property owners, renters, and individuals who hold a business license located within the boundaries as defined by these bylaws are eligible to be a member of the association; to become a member, you must attend a general membership meeting and affirm you wish to become a member. Membership is for a three-year term and there is no limit to the number of terms a member can retain membership. Curious if you’re a member? Contact amanda@montavillapdx.org to verify that you’re on the MNA membership list.

How do I verify my membership at the election?
We will have the membership list; we’ll check to see if you’re on the list, and you’ll just have to verify your information is complete and accurate. Then you’ll get a ballot.