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Animal Services 24-hour Call Center: 503-988-7387  
Call to report stray, barking, injured or aggressive animals.Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon: 503-797-2606 Multnomah County Animal Services

Vector Control: 503-988-3464  
Call to report rodent infestations, mosquito breeding grounds.
Pest Prevention and Control (rats, mosquitos, bed bugs)

ODFW Wildlife Control Operators Contacts
(commercial, licensed critter-handling services)

Graffiti abatement: 503-823-5860
Works to decrease graffiti in Portland through improved education, prevention and coordination of removal efforts in collaboration with Portland Police Bureau and other community partners.
Graffiti Reporting Hotline: 503-823-4TAG / Online graffiti reporting form
PLEASE NOTE: It’s important to remove graffiti as soon as possible after reporting. Your local hardware store can provide advice on effective products.

Liquor License Notification: 503-823-3092
Provides notification to and opportunity for input from neighbors, businesses and community groups on liquor license applications, renewals, and nuisance activities arising from liquor-licensed establishments.
Oregon Liquor Control Commission 24-hour liquor outlet complaint line: 503-872-5070
Online Liquor Complaint Form 
Document neighborhood livability/nuisance incidents arising from establishments that serve alcohol.

City Code Violations: 823-CODE (2633) / Online code violation reporting form
Violations can include vehicles, construction without permits, residential and commercial, tree/vegetation, noise and other.
NOTE: Before reporting, refer to the online chart, What is a Violation?

Neighborhood Inspections: 503-823-7306  
To report dilapidated or dangerous building conditions, tall grass, trash in yard, cars parked on yard.

Noise Control: 503-823-7350
Call to report ongoing noise problems.
NOTE: For specific information on what kinds of noises are allowed during what hours, check out the City of Portland’s Noise Code (Title 18).

Street Maintenance and Traffic Safety Issues on City-maintained Streets: Bureau of Transportation

24/7 Street Maintenance & Repair: 503-823-1700 / Email BOMDispatch[at]

Report a sidewalk repair issue: 503-823-1711 / Email sidewalkrepair[at]

Report a Traffic Safety Issue: 503-823-SAFE (7233)

Pothole Hotline: 503-823-BUMP (2867)
More information about potholes and sinkholes

Abandoned Vehicles Hotline: 503-823-7309
Call to report abandoned vehicles with missing or invalid plates, visibly inoperable and stored on the street.

Street Light Outage Hotline: 503-865-LAMP (5267)
Call to report a street light outage or problem.
Online reporting form for street light outage

NW Grocery Association Shopping Cart Retrieval Service: 1-888-55-CARTS

Metro RID Patrol: 503-234-3000  
Call to report illegal dumping.
Online reporting form for illegal dumping.