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PREP Portland
Practical information on getting ready for any potential emergency, from storms and power outages to floods and earthquakes. This information will help you and your neighbors to make it through on your own, since authorities may be overwhelmed and unable to respond promptly after a major disaster. PREP offers step-by-step tips, with printable checklists and links to more information.
Portland Bureau of Emergency Management NETs Program
Neighborhood Emergency Teams (NETs) are Portland residents trained by PBEM and Portland Fire & Rescue to provide emergency disaster assistance within their own neighborhoods. NET members are trained to save lives and property until professional responders can arrive.American Red Cross Preparedness Page
Make your own preparedness tool kit, check out life-saving mobile apps, organize a Red Cross presentation or get information for your family, school, or co-workers. Public Alerts
News and information on major service disruptions in the Portland-Vancouver Metro area.