The Montavilla Neighborhood Association has a handful of committees tasked with working on important issues affecting the neighborhood. You can find a list of our committees and a description of the work they do and current roster and contact information.

Steering Committee

Chair: Jennifer Tamayo
Committee Contact: steeringcommittee [at]
Members: Benjamin Kerensa, Michael Sonnleitner, Elaine Hakala, Paula Funatake

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association Steering Committee helps steer organizational tasks for the neighborhood association.

Communications Committee

Chair: Paula Funatake
Committee Contact: communications [at]
Members: Jennifer Tamayo, Benjamin Kerensa, Elaine Hakala, Miranda Molea

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association Communications Committee is chaired by the Communications Chair and is tasked with managing Montavilla Neighborhood Association communications and ensuring we are effective in our communicating the affairs of the Neighborhood Association to our members and the public. The Communications Committee also provides oversight and creates policy surrounding management of our Social Media, Website, Newsletter etc.

Land Use & Transportation Committee

Chair: John Whitman
Committee Contact: landuse [at]
Members: Paula Funatake

The Montavilla Neighborhood Association Land Use & Transportation (LU&T) Committee is chaired by our Land Use & Transportation Chair and is tasked with discussing Land Use & Transportation issues that are important to residents of the Montavilla Neighborhood and advising the board on action that can be taken to move forward Land Use & Transportation policy in a meaningful and positive way.