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Elections Guide Available

Hey there,

See below for the guide made by the wonderful Elections Committee:

Montavilla Neighborhood Association FAQ


Who can vote in this election?


Current members of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association who affirm their membership prior to the Annual Elections Meeting.

*Be sure to register at the General Meeting if you are unsure of your membership status.


How do I become a member/confirm my membership?


In order to become a member of the MNA you need to sign-in to a board or general meeting and affirm your interest and eligibility to be a member.


On Monday, October 9th there will be a Board Meeting that begins at 6:00pm and a General Meeting that begins at 6:30pm. In order to become a member or to confirm your membership status you will need to sign-in with a volunteer between 6pm and 7pm.


Who is eligible to be a member of the MNA?


All residents age 18 and older including property owners, and individuals who hold a business license located within the boundaries as defined by these bylaws are eligible to be a member of the association. Individuals or entities not meeting the boundary criteria can request to become members of MNA at a general meeting or as described by board policy. Individuals under age 18 may be come members on submitting written consent from a parent or guardian.

The boundaries of the MNA are:

Southern Boundary: S.E. Division Street (North Side)
Eastern Boundary: Interstate 205 (West Side of I-205/Veterans Freeway) Northern Boundary: Interstate 84 (South Side of I-84/Banfield Freeway) Western Boundary: S.E. 76th Avenue (East ASide from Division to Burnside AND NE 68th Avenue (East Side from Burnside to I-84/Banfield Freeway)



Can I register to become a member of MNA online?


No, there is not currently a provision in the MNA constitution to allow for online membership registration.


Are neighbors who are unhoused/homeless, but live within the neighborhood boundaries eligible to be a member of MNA?


Yes, neighbors will be asked for the general area in which they are living and for a mode of contact such as, email, phone, Facebook or other.


Here is the Office of Neighborhood Involvement statement on neighbors without a physical address:


People who are Unhoused are Eligible to be Members of the

Neighborhood Association in Which They Reside



Neighborhood associations should allow individuals who are unhoused/homeless, but who live within the boundaries of the neighborhood association to be members of the neighborhood association.

The ONI Standards (2005) require city-recognized neighborhood associations to open their membership to “any person who lives…within the recognized boundaries of the Neighborhood Association.” *(See ONI Standard language below.)


Portland’s community and neighborhood system strives to be inclusive and to give people a voice in decisions that affect them. The system has a special focus on involving people who historically have been underrepresented and unserved in civic life and in community engagement and decision making processes.


A neighborhood association should provide a way an individual who is not living in traditional housing but resides within the boundaries of the neighborhood association to state that they want to be a member of the neighborhood association. The neighborhood association should ask the individual to provide their name and some means of contacting them (for instance, an email address or other means by which the neighborhood association can contact the individual).


*City of Portland, Standards for Neighborhood Associations (2005), p. 9



  1. Recognition as a Neighborhood Association by the City of Portland
  2. Membership

Neighborhood Associations shall maintain membership, which is

open to any person who lives and/or owns real property or holds a

business license within the recognized boundaries of the

Neighborhood Association. Other individuals or organizations may

be members as further set forth in each Neighborhood

Association’s bylaws. The list of the membership is the property of

the Neighborhood Association and is not subject to public record



Why should I come and vote in my neighborhood association election?


It is an exercise in building community power by making decisions together, wherein there is an opportunity to assist the city government in performing the required functions to make Portland what we, the citizens, want it to be.


Why should I consider serving on the MNA Board of Directors?


It affords an opportunity to direct funding, interest, and important issues to members of your community.


What are some of the skills I might already have that would be helpful in building a well functioning MNA Board?


The ability to work with your fellow board members and an average of 4-6 hours per week  are the most important, but there are some specific tasks that might fit your skill-set or interest in learning a skill.

There is non-profit status requirements to mind, a WordPress website to maintain, a Quickbooks accounting to maintain, property development rules to decipher, social media to update, social events to plan, neighbors to mobilize…and many many more.


What is the difference between the MNA Board Officers positions and other MNA Board of Directors positions?


The board of directors are elected by the general membership at the annual election meetings. The elected board members then choose who is to fill the board officer positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Neighborhood Coalition Delegate.


  1. a) Chair: The chair shall be the chief officer of the association and shall act as the chair of the board. The chair shall: prepare the agenda for board and membership meetings, preside at all board and membership meetings; represent the position of the board and the interests of the association; act as spokesperson for the association; and serve as the public contact for the association.
  2. b) Vice Chair: The vice chair shall perform the duties of the chair in his/her absence and when requested.
  3. c) Secretary: The secretary shall: record and maintain minutes of membership and board meetings, assist the chair with the correspondence of the association; maintain the nonfinancial files of the association; provide notice of all membership and board meetings; authenticate the records of the corporation; maintain current and accurate board and membership lists; and send approved minutes to the neighborhood district coalition office.
  4. d) Treasurer: The treasurer shall have overall responsibility for all the association’s funds. The treasurer shall: maintain full and accurate accounts of all financial records of the corporation; and present financial reports as directed by the board.
  5. e) Neighborhood Coalition Delegate: The neighborhood coalition delegate shall represent the association at all meetings of the neighborhood coalition board.


What is the difference between a Board of Directors Meeting, a General Membership Meeting and an Annual Membership (Election) Meeting?


The purpose of a Board Meeting is to get board business done. There are votes taken by board members. Members are welcome to attend and observe board meeting and they may be times the board asks for input or time on the agenda for non board members to bring items to the board.

The purpose of the General Meetings are for community members (including board members) to discuss issues that matter to the neighborhood. The MNA constitution calls for no less than 10 general meetings.

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect the board and get an update on what happen from the perspective of the board over the previous 12 months.


What is the mission of the MNA and the MNA Board?


According to the MNA by-laws


The purposes for which this association is organized are:
a) To consider and act on issues that affect the livability and quality of the neighborhood;

  1. b) To provide an open process by which all members may involve themselves in the affairs of the neighborhood;
  2. c) To take positions in matters of civic interest, and promote those positions in communications;
  3. d) To inform residents of events or plans affecting the neighborhood;
  4. e) To establish and maintain open lines of communication with other organizations, such as district coalitions, other neighborhood associations, and city, county, region, and state government agencies; and
  5. f) For such other purposes as are approved by the Board of Directors or membership.

You may also be interested in the this article on the origins of Portland’s Neighborhood Associations and the Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI): https://www.portlandoregon.gov/oni/article/320345


How will the election process run?


MNA members will receive a ballot with numbered check boxes.

Nominations will be accepted from the floor.

All eligible candidates who have affirmed their intent to run (over email or in-person) will have the right to speak to the members assembled for up to 2 minutes each.

The candidates will be assigned a randomly generated number. The candidate’s name and number will be displayed for the membership.

Each member can vote for UP TO 11 candidates, marking the box next to the candidate’s assigned number. The top 11 will be selected for the board. However, only candidates who are selected by a majority of the voters will be elected as MNA Board members.

Staff from SE Uplift will be on hand to help count the ballots, along with help from volunteers.


How do I nominate myself for a position on the MNA Board?


So glad you are interested! You can nominate yourself in one of two ways:

  1. Before Sunday, October 8th you can send an email through the Contact Us form on this site. Use the General Information topic and put Nomination of “Full Name” in the subject line. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours please send a follow up to jonathan@montavillapdx.org to confirm your nomination was received. If your nomination is confirmed in advance, you do not have to be present at the October 9th meeting to be on the ballot. For last minute entries beyond the 48 hour check period, be prepared to nominate yourself at the meeting.


  1. On Monday, October 9th you can nominate yourself in person at the start of the Annual Elections Meeting (7pm).


What if I would like to nominate my neighbor for a position on the MNA Board?

(First, ask your neighbor if they’d like to be nominated).


You can nominate your neighbors in one of two ways:

  1. Before Sunday, October 8th you can send an email through the contact us form on this site. Use the General Information topic and put Nomination of “Full Name” in the subject line. Please include the email address of the person you are nominating in the body of the email. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours please send a follow up to jonathan@montavillapdx.org to confirm your nomination was received. An attempt to confirm the nominees acceptance will be made through email. If their nomination is confirmed and intent to run is affirmed in advance, they do not have to be present at the election on October 9th to be on the ballot. For last minute entries beyond the 48 hour check period, be prepared to nominate your neighbor at the meeting.


  1. On Monday, October 9th you can nominate someone who is also present at start of            the Annual Elections Meeting (7pm). The nominee will need to accept the nomination and affirm their intent to run.


Are there other ways to get involved in the MNA?


Yes! Our neighborhood is stronger when more of us are involved and there is more work to be done than any elected board can accomplish alone. You might consider a standing or ad hoc committee that fits with your interests, time availability or specific skills.


Please email directly to the MNA if you have any questions using the contact form below.

Contact Us

See you at the Montavilla United Methodist Church on 10/9 at 6:30pm for the General Meeting, and 7:00pm for the Elections Meeting!

-Jonathan Ogden
Board Chair

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