The Montavilla Jazz Festival has been a project of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association since 2014, when we helped provide seed funding for it. The project was started at the neighborhood association and now has three successful years under its belt.

We couldn’t be happier about the success of the Montavilla Jazz Festival and determined, this year, that it has outgrown its home at the Montavilla Neighborhood Association and could be more successful as an independent festival or under the umbrella of a non-profit with a music or arts oriented mission.

That said, the Montavilla Neighborhood Association Board of Directors and Montavilla Jazz Festival Organizers reached a mutual agreement for the Montavilla Jazz Festival to go out on it’s own in order to further its success and give it the independence it needs to be successful.

We look forward to working with the Montavilla Jazz Festival in the future and watching it’s continuing success.