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MNA Board Elections & Annual Meeting

Every year in October the Montavilla Neighborhood Association (MNA) holds its annual general membership meeting.  This meeting is a little different than the average meeting because neighbors vote for the MNA board of directors.   This year, the board election will be held on October 10th, starting around 7:30PM at Montavilla United Methodist Church (232 SE 80th Avenue) in the upstairs fellowship hall.

Any member of the Montavilla Neighborhood Association can run for a board position and vote for board members.  A “member” for this purpose is anyone 18+ in age who is either a legal resident of Montavilla, owners of real property in Montavilla, or one designated representative of a business, school, non-profit, or church in Montavilla that has affirmed membership at a meeting in the preceding three years and demonstrated to meet one of the aforementioned criteria.

Each year we elect several members to two year terms.  This year (2016) we will elect at least six positions.  Board members are expected to stay informed of board business and attend the monthly MNA meetings.  Additional duties vary but include chairing various committees (eg: Land Use and Transportation, Public Safety, Steering, and Communications), coordinating or volunteering at neighborhood events (eg: Montavilla Street Fair, Neighborhood Cleanup, National Night Out, Fundraisers etc), and assisting in the production and distribution of the neighborhood newsletter.  Board members can expect to spend 8-10 hours a month, outside of meetings, on neighborhood activities and other neighborhood organizations meeting while engaging with neighbors too.

Serving on the neighborhood association board can be rewarding and very educational. You will be among the first to know when things are changing in the neighborhood.  You may become an expert in zoning and landscaping laws (which can be quite useful when purchasing a home).  While it can be frustrating at times, generally you will receive thanks and appreciation from your neighbors for your service. Service on the board is also a commitment to our members and neighborhood so understanding the aforementioned time commitment and understanding expectations for your role are important.

To run for the board, you simply need to show up on October 10th and self-nominate yourself.  If you would like to post a personal statement and bio on this site (or just indicate your intention) email elections (at) or call (503) 735-5914. To vote, you must show up in person at the meeting on October 10th with one of the documents listed above. Please note that elections are for a seat on the board and the board itself will appoint officers based on their experience, availability and other criteria after the elections. At our annual meeting and elections we will also present our annual report to the membership summarizing activities and financials for 2016.


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